Judge Lisa A. Warren has sentenced Randall Swartz to 30 years to life

Judge Lisa A. Warren has sentenced Randall Swartz to 30 years to life in prison for killing his wife Thea Swartz with a gun in the town of Orleans. Swartz, 63, pleaded guilty in February to 2nd-degree murder and two counts of violating conditions of release as part of a plea agreement. A contested sentencing hearing was scheduled on Thursday and Friday so that State’s Attorney Farzana Leyva, Deputy State’s Attorney Maria Byford and defense attorney Rob Sussman of Burlington could present their arguments. The incident occurred in May of 2018. State police said they found Thea Swartz, 54, dead from a gunshot wound on the floor of their Irasburg Street home. Thea Swartz called 911 and told the police dispatcher that her husband was drunk and threatening her with a pistol. Her statement to the dispatcher was followed by the sounds of gunfire, said police. The Vermont Medical Examiner said Thea Swartz died from a single gunshot wound to the chest.  Randall Swartz, has already spent five and a half years in jail.  In March of 2017, state police investigators confirmed that Randall Swartz was under a joint state-federal investigation for allegedly stealing machine parts from his employer at Cabot Creamery and using them in his side business selling maple syrup production equipment.

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